VOTE for our November book club!

There were so many great suggestions that it was hard to narrow it down to four, but please cast your vote below for our November book club reading!

The poll will remain open until 10AM Central on Thursday, October 13th.

November book club vote
  • How Charts Lie
  • Atlas of AI
  • Weapons of Math Destruction
  • The Data Detective

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Tim Harford, who wrote The Data Detective, has an amazing podcast called “Cautionary Tales”. My favorite episode is You’re not Howard Hughes.

The podcast is not directly about data science.


OK but any episode titled “You’re not Howard Hughes” has my full attention :eyes:


I missed my bus stop because of that episode, just saying…

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Hey @jesse, probably not a huge deal but your OP says the poll closes November 13th instead of October 13 :jack_o_lantern:

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I’m still new here and it shows :rofl: I’ll get that updated, and thank you for letting me know!

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The votes are in and we’re reading The Data Detective for our November book club! Between now and November 1st please make arrangements to get your copy of the book.

I’ll have a general thread posted in the Reading Group category to kick off the conversation on November 1st, but please feel free to start your own topic posts as you read the book! I’ll include a general breakdown of chapters for each week, but these are just suggestions, as you’re encouraged to read at your own pace. We’re a global community and so our conversations will take place asynchronously here in our discussion forum.

Y’all I’m SO EXCITED to be reading with you this autumn!

For those who are from outside of the North America, you will find the book titled as How To Make The World Add Up | Tim Harford. :slight_smile:

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How do we join the book club? Just hang out & read?

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that’s the gist of it, yes! for the monthly book club I’ll put out a topic on November 1st to kick us off with suggested pacing and general questions. you’re welcome to respond to that topic as you read, as well as start your own topics!

the bi-weekly reading group has already kicked off with this general topic here.