Storytelling with Data Discussion for November 10th-24th

it’s Monday and I’m a bit ahead of schedule, but wanted to share our readings//viewings for the upcoming short content group! cast your vote, and then on Thursday, November 10th, we’ll use this space to chat about what we’re learning :slight_smile:

there’s no wrong way to do this, and please reach out if you have any questions!

Cast your vote below!
  • Storytelling with Data
  • Data Organization in Spreadsheets
  • Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems
  • Data Jujitsu

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Storytelling with Data it is! Not to violate all the rules of statistics, but this is the second week we’ve had a video win the vote - is there any interest in making the bi-weekly group video-focused? Between the 8 million conference talks in my backlog and every “new in ML!” video that comes out it could be fun to do videos, maybe even schedule watch parties?


What if it could be iterating between readings-only and videos-only each bi-week? It’s an idea. I think both the videos and readings that have been listed are really interesting.


that’s a great idea! I’ll noodle on things a bit over the upcoming holiday, and we’ll try it out!

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I think @hugo’s idea is good.

For weeks with videos, I’d be up for a watch party :partying_face: …time zones permitting.

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Just started watching Storytelling with Data, Cole explanations are great. :smiley: Thanks… :smile:

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time zones though :sob: :sob: :sob: