✨ Stable Diffusion 2 is ready for you!

I’m constantly amazed at how quickly the Baseten team creates amazing things - this time it’s a Stable Diffusion 2 app! You can enter your prompt and within minutes have an incredible image generated.

I made this one for us using the prompt “cats reading books” - use the link below to access the app, then drop your prompts and creations below! I want to see what y’all can make :heart_eyes_cat: :sparkles:

(also if you’re enjoying the app sign up for our Blueprint waitlist – we’ve got lots more coming in terms of accessible and interesting ways to work with large generative models)

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This is my favorite so far :slight_smile:
Asked Stable Diffusion v2 for a meta Thanksgiving image: “A robot painting a picture of a thanksgiving dinner”


what a talented little robot :partying_face:

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