Hello, welcome, and introduce yourself!

We’re so glad you’re here! As a community it’s great to learn a little bit about one another, so please take a moment to introduce yourself below. To get things started, we’d love to know:

  1. Your name and where you’re located
  2. What you’d like to learn as a part of this community
  3. One hobby or interest of yours that you think more people should try
  4. Anything else that you’d like to share!

Ooh I’m first! Hi! I’m gonna answer the exact questions, in order, because I follow rules.

  1. My name is Amir and I’m based in SF.
  2. I’m here to learn a large set of things, but if I had to pick one, I’d say learning about the use cases that people apply ML to is fascinating to me. Every time, just when I thought I’ve seen it all, a new fun and impactful use case comes along and surprises me.
  3. I think more people should try playing soccer. You just need. ball and a flat field. It’s a skill you can use anywhere to connect with people. It’s really a common global language.
  4. I work at Baseten. So, no surprise I’m FIRST!!

I’ll go second!

  1. I’m Sid, and I’m based in NY!
  2. There’s a lot about ML I’m curious about – fundamentals (how the algorithms we use actually work) and the ecosystem of tools people use to get stuff done in ML are top of mind
  3. Guitar! You can make a lot of progress quickly, and being able to play music makes you powerful
  4. I also work at Baseten!

Third, I guess? :joy:

  1. I’m Phil and I’m based in Buffalo!
  2. I’m really interested in finding a good way to keep up with current research.
  3. I really enjoy writing fiction - it’s a great way to tap into my brain in a different way. I try to write a few hundred words a day to keep the task small :blush:
  4. I work at Google on the Kaggle team! Really excited to be here.

:wave: Hi all! I’m Samiksha, located in NYC :cityscape:
I’m here to engage in all things ML - I’m personally interested in use cases for social good and healthcare - there’s so much we can do with ML for the good of society :slight_smile:
I’ve been really into bouldering recently - its a great way to engage your mind and body, meet people, and continue solving problems outside of work!
I’m a Basefriend as well (I work there haha)


Hi Jesse, Thanks for inviting to the community. Good to be here.

Hi Everyone. This is Sumanth, ML Engineer, Freelance Devrel and a Data Science Content Creator


:wave:Hey. I’m Waylon Walker, and I am from Central Illinois. I love learning about all things data and how others are making value with data. I’ve held a number of titles with Data Scientist in it, but feel pretty weak in stats and building models. My strength tends to be in all the adjacent fields, Data Engineering, CI/CD, devops, architecture. I just learn what I need for the roles I am in.

My hobby is the typical Dad thing… whatever my kids are into, art, trampoline, skateboarding, and Video Games. I have definitely leveraged my tech skills to host MANY Minecraft, and Terarria Servers.

I started my blog waylonwalker.com back in 2016 when there were many cutbacks at work and I was afraid I was going to loose my job. I’ve ended up with about 40 keywords in the top 3 google search and just crossed 16k google search clicks per month. Over the course of building my website I built it into its own python static web framework, markata. I use it on a number of projects and it bring me joy to use it every time I do.


@jesse, You gotta give us your answers!


Hi everyone! I am Harsh Mishra, a Computer Science Graduate student at University of Illinois at Chicago. My research interests are in the applications of Machine Learning, so I’m looking to know more about the same as well as about the ML community from here!
My hobby includes playing and watching sports, mostly soccer.


Hi I’m Chelsea Parlett, located in Southern California, USA! I’m a professor teaching CS, DS, and ML to undergrads, and I do a lot of SciComm!

I’d love to learn more about how other people use data science in industry (I’m in academia).

One hobby everyone should try that I LOVE is reading thriller books, I have SO MANY RECOMMENDATIONS if you want them.


Hi, I’m Aka Ezinwanne, a data scientist and machine learning engineer.

Looking forward to learning and sharing with you all


oh my gosh I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet :see_no_evil:

my name is Jesse Mostipak, and I’m located in the Chicago suburbs! I’m really excited to be here and spend time getting to know everyone, and I’m really looking forward to learning more about everyone’s learning journeys to data science and machine learning.

one of my hobbies that I think more people should try is weight lifting - I’m serious! especially for data-minded people it’s a great way to set goals and see your progress over time. plus then you get to use my all-time favorite app: What Animal Do You Even Lift?

  1. Henry or Hank (One of them being a longtanding nickname I picked up at work) - the fine land of the Cascadian Hegemony.
  2. I’d enjoy learning how to keep learning - new tools, new research, and new best practices show up quite a bit, and I’d prefer to avoid being (completely) siloed. I work at a FAANG and, of course, we tend to use a lot of inhouse tools for everything…which is great, but there’s more out there.
  3. Combat sports! Fighting’s a lot of fun, no matter what kind. The initial hump of flailing around is frustrating but once you’re over it, it’s a really fascinating and surprisingly enjoyable hobby.
  4. Honorable “hobbies that people should try” mentions include sea shanties (and singing more generally), making soup, and writing bad poetry.

Hi I’m Chelsea Parlett, located in Southern California, USA! I’m a professor teaching CS, DS, and ML to undergrads, and I do a lot of SciComm!

@chealseaparlett It looks like you could be a professor teaching any acronyms, looking forward to NLP!

Also, hi everyone :raising_hand_man:

  1. I’m Cédric, I live in Grenoble, in the French part of the Alps!
  2. I’m transitionning from being a researcher in social psychology into something that would be more code oriented, and it seems that this could be a great place to learn
  3. I love running, biking, climbing and anything that make me enjoy the great landscape that we have in the Alps (and you should definitely visit if you have the opportunity to!)
  4. I’m trying to improve my writing, so hopefully I will post at least once a week (and y’all have the write to peer-pressure me into doing it)

Hi Everyone,
I am Martin and I am located in the UK, near London. Really excited to start improving my data science knowledge.

I think I am particularly interested in solidifying my understanding of basic statistics and methods. I already had worked as analyst and data scientist, and now I am quantitative ux researcher but I think there’s never enough of getting the basics right :blush:

My interests (aside from data science and similar) are guitar, raspberry pi, comics, tenis, and photography. I do these or don’t depending on how much free time I have :slight_smile: .

Ecited to do this and hopefully these will force me a bit into reading some materials regularly!



1- I am Sinan Can, I am based in Seattle.
2- I would love to learn how to read ML papers more effectively, improve my coding skills and be a part of a lively DS/ML community.
3- Computer games and watching Twitch streams! Great for relaxing and gives ego boost when you slay that demon!
4- I am starting at AWS tomorrow :slight_smile:

  1. My name is Lucas and I’m in the Seattle suburbs
  2. I hope to reduce the time it takes for paper discovery and reading
  3. British murder/comedy mysteries, like Midsomer Murders!
  4. I got into Data Science from Finance

Hello! My name is Santosh and I live in Chicago
I would like to learn more about Data engineering, MLops and NLP
I have been enjoying Crossfit and running lately and I would highly recommend both
I work as a data scientist at Discover and very excited to be here


Hi everyone! :wave::wave:

I’m Enrico and I live in Atlanta, GA. I’ve recently transitioned from being an economics professor in SoCal to being a data scientist in Atlanta, GA. I’m excited to meet some new people and get better at Python - R is my first love but Python is my new job.

In terms of hobbies, I’ve been trying my hand at mushroom foraging! Haven’t worked up the guts to eat a wild one yet but it’s fun to discover and identify them :mushroom: (pretty sure this :point_left: is not edible)


There are So many acronyms :joy: