Career shift question

Hi everyone,
I have a few questions about the career shift. Background I’m an electrical engineering graduate.

Now I’m working as a content writer for B2B and B2C SAAS, e-commerce, marketing, and tech companies.

I started writing on my blog in 2017 and then moved into freelance writing in 2020.

Questions related to Data Science

  1. Can I become a self-taught data engineer/scientist?

  2. Are the data-related jobs really in demand as remote?

  3. Can I work as a remote data scientist from Pakistan?

  4. Are online data science degrees/certifications as valid as traditional ones?

  5. What is the approximate cost of online and traditional data degrees?

  6. Can anyone please share any good resources or online degrees in data science?

  7. How much in-depth should I learn in Python? I have started learning Python.

Thank you,