Book & Article Recommendations

I was wondering if anyone had any particular recommendations on materials to read or mess around with. Obviously it’s a fast-moving field, but anything you feel is a good source for new information, new tools, or even a great intro to parts of the field people may not have had their hands on would be much appreciated.

In my case, I recall enjoying much of “Mostly Harmless Econometrics” as part of the readings I ended up doing on causal inference. Causal inference is hard to do, typically requires very careful experimental design, and tends to use a lot of the “unglamorous” methods, but when you need those techniques, you really need them.


I’m sure we can come up with some great recommendations! Is there anything in particular you’re looking for? For example technical books in a specific language, something more methods-focused, or broader story-telling types of content?

I’d say methods-focused or technical are generally a little more my objective here but I’m open to anything.

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