💙 Blueprint by Baseten is open for early access!

Blueprint by Baseten is the fastest way for developers to customize ML models. You can start your project with pre-configured environments, GPUs, API endpoints, and instant deployment.

We’re so excited to announce this product and have opened up early access!

We’ll be steadily rolling out new features, but with Blueprint you’ll be able to:

  • Run generative models locally - no GPUs required.
    • This is accomplished by using baseten.models, a Python package that gives you full customizability over models like Stable Diffusion, Whisper, and FLAN-T5 from your local machine.
  • Fine tune models with easy-to-use dev tools, inspired by the latest in AI research.
    • This includes fine-tuning text-to-image models as well as creating completely novel images with DreamBooth.
  • Build & ship ML apps from one web IDE
    • Our web IDE allows you to add backends with Python functions, generate API routes instantly, and deploy automatically as changes are made.

Interested in checking out Blueprint? Sign up for early access and I’ll be in touch with you soon :blue_heart: