Bi-weekly VOTE for October 27th - November 10th

Happy Monday, y’all! I’ll be posting our bi-weekly reading group vote tomorrow morning, around 10AM Central. Our bi-weekly reading group is for open-access, shorter form content, and I’ve pulled together an initial list in this GitHub repository.

If there’s anything that looks particularly good to you, either in the existing list or that you’ve come across elsewhere, please let me know! I’d love your input, and I look forward to our next reading together :nerd_face:

it’s time to vote! the selections will be available until 10AM Central on Thursday, October 27th. as a reminder, all of our bi-weekly content is shorter form and open access, so there’s no need to purchase anything!

I know the deadline has passed, but since it’s a tie, I’d choose CNN’s. :sweat_smile:

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WELL since it was a tie I’ll give you the honor of tie-breaking! we’ll go ahead with How Convolutional Neural Networks Work as our open source content for this session!

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